Are your pictures worth a thousand words?

crystal wine glassesGood photography is a key element in most successful publicity campaigns. For small and medium enterprises however, picture costs can be disproportionately high. To illustrate a simple 4-page brochure, for example, can cost several hundred pounds.

Some businesses are tempted to cut corners and take their own pictures. Bad idea. Poor photography can actually do more harm than good.

The good news is: there's no need to compromise! If you are looking for affordable, professional photography to illustrate a brochure, catalogue, or website, you've come to the right place! I offer three affordable solutions.

(1) Select images from my Picture Library.Welder at work

(2) Commission me to digitally enhance your existing photographs

(3) Hire me for a studio or location session

You can 'mix and match' from any of those solutions but, no matter what you decide, you'll know from the outset how much it will cost. Thanks to my transparent pricing policy there are no hidden extras!


Stock picture (travel)Picture Libraries normally charge a base price for each image. On top of that they add a sliding-scale fee based on the number of people likely to see the finished item. For example: they will charge you more for a photograph used in 10,000 sales brochures than they would for the same image used in 1,000 flyers.

I believe my system is fairer (not to mention a good deal cheaper!) At you pay for a Selection Session, where I assist you in choosing appropriate pictures from my huge library of 'stock' images. The cost? - a highly affordable £19 per half hour (which includes the one-time use of all pictures selected).


Perhaps you already have pictures that, with a little 'tweaking', would serve your purpose? In that case I can optimise your prints, slides or digital images by adjusting colour balance, brightness, contrast and removing unnatural colour casts. I can also eliminate untidy or 'busy' backgrounds, blemishes or other unwanted elements from your pictures.

I can make your product 'jump from theConstruction worker page' by putting the background 'out of focus'. I can combine elements from several different photographs into one and restore faded or damaged pictures so that they look like new. "Re-purposing" images this way can save you £££s.

If the pictures are for Web, DVD or CD ROM I will optimise them for rapid loading - with no perceptible loss of quality and at no extra charge.

Unlike 'stock' images, digitally enhanced pictures belong to you - so you can use them over and over again without incurring additional expense. The cost? - £19 per half hour including archive CD ROM containing the enhanced images.

NEW - Video Transfer - your existing sales and promotional videos transferred from VHS to DVD


Industry Hair & Fashion Restaurants & Catering
Machinery & Technology


From pack-shots to portraits, studio sessions start at £70 for 1 hour, including all photography and a CD or DVD with all photographs from the session at full resolution.


Location sessions start at £70 for 1 hour (including photographer's travelling time) and include all photography, a CD or DVD with all photographs from the session at full resolution.

Optional extras: High quality prints on Kodak or Fujifilm archival quality paper, enlargements and retouching


A special gift for a unique experience. Say "I love you", "Thank you", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Christmas" or "Well done" with this unusual surprise - a gift voucher from

Gift vouchers are now more flexible than ever. You are not limited to pre-made packages. Simply choose an amount that you want to give - as much or as little as you like - and pay conveniently and securely by credit or debit card. You will receive the gift voucher by email. No more waiting for a postal delivery. Print the voucher and present your gift - all done within a matter of hours.

The recipient enjoys the same flexibility and can use the voucher to pay for or towards a photo session and/or presentation products, such as prints, framed prints, canvas prints, photobooks, retouching and digital files. Starting at £10, vouchers are available in £10 increments up to £250.

Please note: Vouchers are not redeemable against Wedding Photography or Studio sessions
- only location photography and/or products



Torn, creased, discoloured or faded photos restored... more

Parties, Presentations, Receptions, Corporate events... more

Blemishes, unwanted people and other elements removed... more

Your favourite photos transformed into works of art...more

If you have any questions about digital photography, video or image enhancement call 07813 449521

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