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In 2017, internet advertising spend was more than double that of television (source: Ofcom)

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why. Think how your own purchasing habits have changed over the past few years.




Our BASIC package includes:

Registration of the domain of your choice;

First year's fees;

Domain 'Parking' for 1 year (includes free 'live' web page with your contact info, photos, 100 word description of your business plus...

Free email (routed to your current email address).

Web presence and peace of mind for £1 per week.

subsequent years: £52   



Professional, 24/7 web presence £5.75 p/w


(1) Domain name of your choice e.g.

(2) Internic and Hosting fees for 12 months

(3) 3-page website individually designed exclusively for your business (not a tacky template). Fast-loading pages, Menu bar navigation. Site optimized for  Google and other major search engines.

(4) Business grade web space to host your site

(5) five email addresses

(6) Email forwarding - to any email addresses of your choice

(7) Free links to your other sites or social media pages

Subsequent years £59



All you need to get your business on the web - and for around the price of a daily 'flat white' at your favourite coffee shop


Domain name (e.g.

Internic fees paid for 1 year

2-page website

Hosting web space for 1 year

3 email addresses

FREE email forwarding to your current email address if required

FREE links to your other pages/sites

Subsequent years £59

More and more people are buying products and services online - and many High Street purchases are first 'researched' on the web.

Today's canny consumer will check company websites for more information. Sometimes only seeking reassurance (does the company look reliable?) other times they might simply want a phone number, address or opening hours.

Advertising space in printed media is expensive - and there never seems to be room enough to get your entire message across. A website gives you the freedom and the space to tell your customers all about your business - and the information can be updated at a moment's notice.

If you don't have a website - or you have one that doesn't do justice to your business, give Keith Jones a call: on 07813 449521