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If you have discovered reels of Cine Film in your home, count yourself lucky - you've struck gold! Before domestic video cameras appeared on the scene in the late 1970s Cine Film was the only means of recording moving images of family, events and holidays etc. Portable movie cameras had been around since the 1930s but, even when the cost of these ‘early camcorders’ began to fall, home movie-making was still considered a rich man’s hobby. That's why, when compared to Photographs and Video, Cine Films are RARE.


If you are considering having your film converted to digital media there’s never been a better time. Not only are you are fortunate that your forebears were able to afford a cine camera and film (not to mention the cost of processing the film and the ancillary equipment required such as projectors and screens) your timing could not be better. Advances in technology have meant that labs with state-of-the-art equipment are now able to digitise film stock to a far higher standard than ever before.

Today it is possible to scan each individual frame of film at high resolution, while omitting sprocket holes and the black space between frames, resulting in a smoother viewing experience. The results are often described as 'breathtaking'.


The advantage of using a professional lab over an analog service is that the process is entirely digital. Each frame is scanned individually, then powerful computers re-assemble the frames in their original sequence into a continuous movie. This not only results in a superior image, but also removes the irritating flicker so characteristic of analog systems. Note that we sometimes use a courier or Royal Mail to transport film stock to and from the lab so loss or damage in these circumstance is subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions.


There are several formats of Cine Film: Standard 8, Super 8, Super 8 Sound, Single 8, 9.5mm, 16mm or 16mm Optical Sound. We deal with them all. Our technicians have the expertise and equipment to ensure the best quality transfer is obtained. If you are unsure what format your cine film is, or you'd like to know how best to store it, take a look at our Cine Film Guide.

Home movies tend to be treasured even more than photograph albums - perhaps because there is nothing quite like moving images to evoke memories of a person - whether a new baby or an octogenarian. Imagine being able to pop a DVD into your player or a USB Flash Drive in to your TV and watch as family and friends from yesteryear come to life on film. Digital files make sharing a breeze. More importantly, digital files will not degrade any further - they will continue to look as good as the day they were converted. So, whatever system they come up with in future, you'll be able to have your home movies transferred again without further loss of quality.

Imagine, watching those old home movies again (which could be up to 60 years old!) Your DVDs will feature full Digital Video quality, complete with menus, chapters and background music. You may of course choose to have editable MP4 files instead - just let us know at the time of order.

In addition to 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm Cine Film, we also convert most formats of Video and Camcorder tapes to DVD or editable files. Our 30+ years experience ensures superb results every time.

Our lab has completed Film transfers for major Television networks and many photographic stores nationwide.


          30 Years Experience

          Fully digital transfer

          No analog sources

          Minor repairs carried out free of charge

          Menus with thumbnails for easy navigation

          We can also supply as MPEG files as well as MP4, AVI, H264 or MOV


Simply post your films to the address below – or deliver them in person if you prefer. No need to send payment with your order. Once we have digitised your films we'll send an invoice which can be paid securely online. Don't leave it until it's too late, get your films to us as soon as possible. In a little while you'll be enjoying golden family moments you haven't seen in years (or perhaps never seen before) secure in the knowledge that they are saved for posterity.


Our simple pricing (30p per foot) means it is easy to work out how much your transfer will cost. For example: a 3 inch reel (50ft) of 8mm 'silent' film will cost just £15. This includes DVD media (or downloadble file via DropBox).

We transfer Cine Film to DVD

or Editable Files

Film length Reel Size£
50ft3 in.£15
200ft5 in.£60
Discounts for orders over 400 ftDiscountsavailable
Extra copy of DVD in full size case. (as a backup or a great gift idea for family and friends)£8 ea.
MEMORY STICK: Your digitized MP4 movie files supplied on USB Flash Drive as well as DVD£14
DAMAGE: So long as there are not too many breaks or bad splices in your film these will be repaired free of charge. Note: this may involve sending your films to our repair lab**.Included in the transfer price
Returning your Films, DVDs or other digital mediaDepends on service selected

TO ORDER: Number each reel (if you want them to appear in a certain sequence). Deliver your reels to our premises or pack securely and send to:

Keith Jones

Trinity Parsonage

Hardwick Square East


Derbyshire SK17 6PT

(map showing our location)

Remember to Include your name, postal address, phone number/s and email. We will confirm receipt of your films and send a written quotation. If you decide not to proceed at this stage we will will return your films. Otherwise we will digitize your films and transfer them to DVD or your preferred digital medium. When your order is ready we'll send an invoice which can be paid securely online or by cash on collection. If you are unable to collect your order we'll send it by a 'Signed For' service (at cost and subject to carrier's terms and conditions)